Bear Mountain Capital Inc.

We dig. We discover. Then we dig some more.

Due Diligence

Finding the right long-term private investment requires a zeal for thorough due diligence. The more we understand about a particular market, a specific fund manager, management fees, tax strategies and various investment trends, the more value we can provide to you.

Our approach to validating an investment idea begins with understanding the market for that opportunity. We’ll explore regulations, tax implications, liquidity concerns, and volatility and collateral aspects of the market within which we’ll invest. We’ll consider how sustainable the market opportunity is and how the opportunity fits into a client’s overall investment portfolio.

We seek out and work with fund managers who we can consider partners. We prefer to work with investment teams who are open and transparent in their investment management approach. The more accessible they are, the more information they are willing to share with us, the more we can feel confident in their approach and the more we can share with you. Communication is key in finding the right partnerships. This ensures during good times and bad, we can help you understand what is happening with your underlying holdings.

Investment Principles

Low expenses: We believe a key tenant of investing includes managing expenses. You deserve to keep as much return generated by your investments as possible. For this reason, we work hard to provide an income-producing fund that keeps its management fee low. If we do our job right, you should be able to keep more of your return.

Communication: We expect consistent communication from the investment funds that we invest in. This ensures you’ll receive the same level of transparency and communication from us. We work hard to provide ongoing and thorough investment reporting, so you know how your money is working for you.